Day 6 – The reason you love BL

Darn it, this day wants me to be all philosophical and dramatic and I really don’t have the brain power to do that just now. Alas, the show must go on xD.

I’ve always liked stories that involved a look at same-sex relationships (for example The man who loved Yngve  and Show me love; these are really awesome movies, imho) and I guess the main reason behind this is ’cause they seemed more real and unique compared to some of chliché heterosexual romances I’ve come across. Now I’m not saying that straight love stories are a bunch of fudge, just that there’s a lot of ’em and with that a repetition of what is essentially the same story. And yes, the drama’s the same on both sides – someone’s in love with another person and things may or may not work out and all that jazz. At the same time though, same-sex love stories always seemed to have a bit of a different outlook on things and bring up deeper or new concepts that I wouldn’t really find elsewhere. Or maybe I’m just talking gibberish here and should get back on topic xD.

As I’ve mentioned, one thing that I like is a good story (regardless of the medium through which it is conveyed), and I’ve come across some really good ones within this genre. However, I can’t not mention the fact that some of the characters you come across in BL are freakin’ handsome as fudge and that’s always a plus xD.


I honestly don’t know what else to write though. I love BL because I just do. When I first encountered it I went all ‘holy fudge, how can some of these things even exist? xD Oo’, but then I spent some time with the genre and we became friends ^^. I love it even when it makes me so mad I wanna hit something (and yes, that’s kinda happened at some point in the past xD), or walks all over my heart and feelings. I enjoy it because it can have both looks and brains, if you catch my drift. And even if there’s a boatload of weird/fudged up stuff out there in BLland, if you search a bit you’ll come across some really awesome stories as well ^^.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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