Day 9 – Best anime villain

Hands down the ‘winner’ of this post has to be Johan Liebert, from Monster (モンスタ).


Most other bad guys out there usually have some sort of fancy OP weapon they threaten the world with, or super-powers or whatnot, while Johan’s got his brains and knowledge of a human’s psyche and that’s more than he will ever need. I guess one of the things that makes this character so frighteningly amazing (besides his charisma xD) is that in a way he’s your everyday guy that you could see walking past you on the street.

Highly intelligent, educated, charismatic, manipulative, Johan’s a very realistic rendition of what a perfect psychopath is like and what he can do; and because of all the feats he manages to accomplish throughout the series, I think I can safely say that Johan is probably the best villain in anime xD.


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