Day 17 – Favourite male supporting anime character

DRAMA!!!! At first I managed to settle for one particular character but then I remembered another one and went all ‘nooooooooo, I shall never be able to choose between these two!!!’, and then something hit me and I could choose and everything’s ok now ^^.

So, first of all I have to mention Mutou Tohru (武藤徹) from Shiki (屍鬼).


I’ve really liked this character from the start. He’s a very nice and kind person and becomes good friends with Natsuno during the series. Spoiler alert!!! Even after he becomes a vampire he still struggles a lot when faced with attacking Natsuno. I’ve always admired that about him – I mean, technically, he and Natsuno hadn’t known each other that long, yet Tohru cared so much about him. Even more of a blow was the moment when he actually does attack his friend, in an effort to protect him from other vampires.

Add the above to the fact that Tohru accepts Ritsuko’s decision of not living on as a shiki later on in the series. I guess you could say he’s not the strongest type out there, but to me, by the end of the series he gathers enough courage to do what he probably really wanted to do for a while since he came back from the dead. End of spoilers!!! ^^

Ok, so Tohru is near and dear to me, but I have to admit that part of the reason why I like him a lot has to do with his relationship with Natsuno and all that jazz. With that in mind, I have to say that my favourite suporting male character so far might just be Ginoza Nobuchika (宜野座 伸元) from Psycho-Pass (サイコパス) ^^. Mind you, I’ve only seen the first season of Psycho-Pass and have no idea about what’s going on in the newly-released stuff, so I’m basing this on the 1st season alone.


Yes, on one hand he’s the glasses-wearing-rule-abiding-kinda-stuck-up character of the series, but I couldn’t help but like him from the start. And thankfully, as the series progresses we get to know a bit more about him and why he acts the way he does and all that jazz. I also admired his ability to learn from the events that happen in the series and change and accept things about himself and those around him. Heck, he becomes quite the badass by the end of the series xD.

So I think that’s it for today! Again, thanks for stopping by! 🙂



  1. nikki · May 28, 2015

    you and your drama again, wifie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • moro · May 28, 2015

      always ^^ >:D<

      Liked by 1 person

      • nikki · May 28, 2015

        ─=≡Σ((( つ ◕o◕ )つ


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