Day 25 – Saddest anime death

SPOILER ALERT for Grave of the fireflies incoming!!!! (although it’s not that big of a spoiler considering the anime I’m talking about :(…)

I think I’ll go with Setsuko’s death, from Grave of the fireflies ().


Dear God, I remember I cried my eyes out when I first watched this movie. Probably one of the things that made Setsuko’s death even more sad is that, for a moment, you have this glimmer of hope – Seita finally managed to get some food and next thing you know… while Seita’s off to prepare dinner, Setsuko falls alseep and never wakes up again. Just like that. No screaming, no crying, no yelling. No nothing.

I know it sounds cheap, but I just can’t put into words the feelings this movie evokes in me.

As always, thanks for stopping by to have a read! ^^


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