MaHo Café: Twelve Magical Days of Christmas 2015: Day 04 ~ A Summer Day’s Dream ~

This is a fan-made series which has an original plot, but features characters from the Tōhō Project. As of yet it consists of 2 OVAs and a special (episode 2.5). It was created by the Maikaze dōjin circle and directed by Tokine (時音). I’ve never heard about the Tōhō Project before watching this series, so I must admit I was a tad dazed and confused throughout the series, especially since it presents the viewer with quite a few characters. All in all, it was enjoyable to watch; I just wish they’d make another episode or two and conclude the story. What did you think of it?

Well, I’d heard of Tōhō a few years ago, due to some music videos I stumbled upon on Youtube. I knew there was at least some manga based on these games, but I didn’t think there were anime, too. To start with, this particular short story is about Reimu Hakurei (博麗霊夢) – a shrine maiden – who solves Incidents (strange events with supernatural causes) in the Gensōkyō world – a place where all sorts of creatures live. I think I liked the animation the most. That, and the music. I mean the story isn’t such a big deal, and before you can remember your own name, you’re flooded with at least a dozen characters’ names – not that this would be bad.

Speaking of the story, the only thing that stood out for me was the fact that everyone seems more than willing to get into over-the-top fights over what seems like an insignificant thing (e.g., a stolen watermelon).

Or a book – even I would fight for a book.

Fair enough, but what I mean to say is that characters were pretty quick to jump to oh so dramatic skills like ‘rabid red eyes of death’ (not the real name of the skill, but you get the point), or use swords that will ‘cut through anything and everything’, etc.

I don’t know…if you take my Wotsits away I might use that skill, too. By the very end of the special, though, I started thinking that Alice in Wonderland served as a great deal of inspiration for this story. I mean, the run after the rabbit, a girl called Alice …I don’t know, I just felt so. But I did enjoy it, and I agree, I wish they’d continue it. I think it has potential exactly because of how simple and no-brainer the whole thing is, but also because of the beautiful animation and music; I mean if they can afford it, why not? It’s a nice little magic story.

True… now that you mention it, I did find myself thinking that the voice acting was quite good. Now excuse me while I go out to buy some more Wotsits :D.

Without further ado, here’s the OP/PV – enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


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