MaHo Café: Twelve Magical Days of Christmas 2015: Day 07 ~ Rainbow-Coloured Fireflies: The Eternal Summer Vacation ~

We kept a very special film to share today, on the last day of 2015. Rainbow-Coloured Fireflies: The Eternal Summer Vacation (虹色ほたる~永遠の夏休み~) is an anime film directed by Kōnosuke Uda (宇田 鋼之介) and produced by Toei Animation. It shows the story of a boy, Yūta (ユウタ), who goes looking for beetles on a hot summer day. But he’s not looking just anywhere for them; he went to the place where he and his late father used to go. A storm breaks out and he falls off the dam; however, an old man he’d given water to earlier, tells him he’ll bring him back, but the process might take a while. Thus, Yūta is sent 30 years back into the past, to the village that used to exist there at the time. He quickly makes friends with Saeko (さえ子) and Kenzō (ケンゾー), and before they know it, summer comes to an end and they have to say their goodbyes. However…whoa, wait! You go watch the film, there’s more to it than what I’ve said above; in fact, that just scratched the surface. Wouldn’t you say so, Moro-chan?

I would indeed say so, Nikki-chan ^^. I really enjoyed the film and its ability to use a magical occurrence in order to bring into discussion some very real, and I dare say universal, experiences. I guess it’s ironic that we’re talking about a very summer-infused story in the middle of winter and during Christmas time, but it still works. For me at least, the story’s about wanting to hold on to what is dear to you (hence the ‘eternal summer vacation’ part?), and that’s something people want to do regardless of the time of year. I feel like I’m getting off track here. What did you think of it kiddo? 🙂

I think…I think I really liked the fireflies, hehe! On a more serious note, I agree, the story is about holding on to what you cherish the most, as well as being able to move on from the past, and keeping promises. I think it was quite a moving film for me; I liked the story a lot. I also liked the music. As for the art and animation, I think it reminded me a lot of Ghibli films.

Oh yes, the fireflies were definitely amazing! The music fit the story really well too, and it was interesting to see how the creators played with the animation style. I also really loved the ending of the film – how it shows that what we cherish the most stays with us throughout our lives, even if we we’re ‘supposed to forget’ things along the way. This is definitely a very touching story that everyone should watch.

Yup, yup! So, what are you guys out there waiting for?? Go get a hot cuppa, get cosy, and watch this wonderful story!

Well, if what we said above wasn’t enough, here, have a little taste with the trailer: Thanks for reading! Oh, oh, and a Happy New Year to everyone!


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