MaHo Café: Twelve Magical Days of Christmas 2015: Day 11 ~ Princess Arete ~

アリーテ姫 (Princess Arete) is a 2001 anime film produced by Studio 4°C, based on The Clever Princess story by Diana Coles. Apparently, in Japan, this film is a successful feminist piece. And for good reason. It shows the story of a young princess who doesn’t want to be a princess – pretty cliché, right? Well, there’s no prince to come save/fix/marry/wake her up with a kiss/rape her while she’s sleeping/etc her. No, sir, she saves herself. You might spend half the time you’re watching it wondering what it is about, but it’s worth it even though it’s not your usual fairy tale. I think it’s a bloody good effort and it shows a strong female lead character, which I really liked. Oh yes, yes, indeed, I am a feminist, but not one of those who says guys are always wrong and it’s your fault women don’t have rights, but one of those who wants gender equality – fair stuff for both males and females. I’m rambling again, so do take over.

You’re not rambling; this really has to do with the movie as well ^^. I liked the film a lot. I found myself going all ‘woah, what’s gonna happen next?’ throughout as I never knew what to expect. And even when I thought ‘ok, this is gonna happen now’, it didn’t because Arete changed things; she took matters into her own hands and did what she thought was best for her and those around her.

Yup, I liked that, too. I liked the music, too, actually, it fit both the story and its style. As for the animation, this one, too, reminded me of Ghibli films – relatively simple but expressive. And I think the pacing of the film was ok, too, I mean, you’re not overwhelmed but not bored either, right?

Mhm, the pacing was quite alright and the film does indeed remind of Ghibli productions. I really, really loved how it was able to convey a genuine medieval feel (from the clothes people wore, to the buildings they lived in, to the lack of lighting inside the castle); the OST did a great job of creating this atmosphere and adding to the story as well. Thanks again for suggesting we watch this film, Nikki-chan ^^.

Hehe, anytime.

And that does it for today’s post. Enjoy the trailer below and thanks for stopping by!



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  2. MindMischief · January 4, 2016

    Man, I meant to check out this movie way back in the day when I was crazy about Studio 4°C. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again soon, cause it sounds pretty interesting.

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