Day 25 – Your favorite drawing style

Yellow! I’m afraid this is going to be another mini-collection of photos:


Seven Days (セブンデイズ)


Slow Starter (スロースターター)


Future Lovers (未来の記憶)


Does the Flower Blossom? (花は咲くか)

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Day 19 – BL manga you think should be animated

First of all, can I just say that I can definitely remove Doukyuusei from that list, as its adaptation will premiere this February??? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))). tumblr_madfjwU90k1qfkm7e

Hormones aside, I think I’d like to see several (well ideally, loads) of BL manga adapted for the big/small/medium/etc. screen ^^.

  • I can’t get  enough for it, so I still secretly hope that In these words will one day be made in to an anime :D.
  • Pretty much all the nice BL that Kyuugou-sensei writes ^^.
  • Saruiu (洒涙雨) by Hoko-sensei.
  • Seven days (セブンデイズ) by Takarai Rihito-sensei.
  • Hidamari ga kikoeru (ひだまりが聴こえる) by Fumino Yuki-sensei.
  • …and the list can go on.

Still, while we eagerly await for more better-quality BL to be animated, I’ll just say that I’m very thankful to all the mangaka who spend their time and energy on writing and drawing what they do and keeping in touch with the community (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡.

PS: I know I skipped a day, but that’s because I’m saving that post for when I finish reading Sweet pool. There are other BL stories that broke my heart, but I want to try and include a bit more titles throughout the challenge :D:D.

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Day 15 – Recommend a BL for your followers

I know I’m repeating myself here (probably more than usual), but I cannot recommend In these Words and its side stories enough!  ヽ(;^o^ヽ)

Still, I’ve already went on about that series so for today I’ll go with Bokura ni Matsuwaru etc. (僕らにまつわるエトセトラ) by Kyuugo.


It’s basically one manga volume containing 6 chapters and a total of 3 different stories. I guess it’s safe to say that the couple we’re introduced to in the 1st chapter is the main couple of the manga volume, as they have a total 3 chapters dedicated to their story. Aside from the beautiful art typical of Kyuugo-sensei, we’re again introduced to a series of heart-warming stories that manage to be full of fluff (at times), but also pain and realism and some nice character development, especially considering the length of the stories.

I’ve only recently read this manga and from what I understand, it has a sequel as well. Either way, that’s for you to discover more about should you wish to read the manga :D.

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Day 10 – List the BL you own

With the idea that ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ in mind, here are all the BL manga I own 😀 –


yes, Totoro is observing you from the background ^^

So, on one hand I have the In these Words series (volumes 1 and 2 in English and Japanese) and it’s prequels New York Minute, First, do no Harm, One of these Nights, Maybe Someday and the Undertow booklet. I’ve also recently purchased chapter 1 of ITW but I forgot to stick in here with the rest of the books ^^”. Next, we’ve got the Sakura Gari series in Japanese (interestingly enough, this hardcover version also has furigana), Chou ni naru hi (チョウになる日), volume 1 of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi (世界一初恋), volume 1 of Hana wa saku ka (花は咲くか), NightS and Kimi ni ageru (きみにあげる). I’ve also got a few of the No.6 volumes, but that series doesn’t technically qualify as BL I guess.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to expand the collection over time :D:D.

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Day 2 – Favorite BL manga

In moments like this I remember that I know a bunch of BL titles mostly because they’re sitting in my ‘to-read’ section on MAL and that I haven’t actually read that many ><….

Drama aside though, I think I’ll go for Sairuiu for this one.

Sairuiu is a collection of 8 short stories, compiled into one manga volume. While there’s no overall grand plot that spans over several volumes, I really enjoyed the diverse situations and emotions portrayed in this volume. And unlike a lot of BL stories out there, these ones really felt like they could happen in everyday life. When it comes to BL, the genre (sadly) suffers from quite a heavy use of stereotypes across the board (from plot, to characters, you name it) so it was quite nice to read something more simple and down to earth for a change.

As a side note, I’m very tempted to add In these words here but that manga is still on-going. While I think it’s quite awesome, I can’t say with a clear conscience that it’s my favourite since I haven’t even read all of it yet ^^“. So yeah, for now I’m sticking to Sairuiu.

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Day 1 – The first BL you ever read/watched

Well…….. the very 1st BL thingy I ever came across was a fanfic and that was a billion years ago :D:D.

If I had to go for ‘official’ stuff I’d have to say the following:

The first BL anime I’ve ever watched was Junjou Romantica  (純情ロマンチカ) ^^. I remember stumbling upon it one night and then marathoning the series, while raging at how silly it was at times and laughing my butt off the whole time.

Later edit:

Fuuuuudge!! Stop the presses! xD It just hit me – the first even remotely BL anime I’ve ever watched is in fact Gravitation (グラビテーション) Oo.

I guess the anime didn’t stick with me cause I saw it quite a while ago and while the premise of it was nice, the only thing about it that I remember is the same song being played over and over and the fact that I disliked how the main character looks waay too much like a little girl :/. But yeah, feel free to carry on with your life now that you read this shattering revelation that I just had to ramble about xD.

The first BL I’ve ever read is probably Togainu no Chi (咎狗の血), the visual novel.

This was also the 1st VN I’ve ever read so it was definitely quite the experience. I have to confess though, I have yet to read the story’s true ending ^^“. Plus I lost all my in-game progress at some point, so yeah, happy days xD. No that I’ll mind re-reading TnC.

Kind of in the same category but not quite would be Sakura Gari (樱狩), as I’m pretty sure it’s the 1st BL manga I’ve ever actually read.

Yes, while I enjoy reading cute and fluffy stuff as much as the next person, I’m a sucker for drama and tragedy and whatnot and that’s probably how I ended up reading this manga first :D:D.

So yep, these are my first encounters with BL as a genre. I’m not adding descriptions for the series as it’s definitely more fun to find out what these stories are about on your own ^^. As always, thanks a bunch for stopping by! 🙂