Day 15 – Favourite animal sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime

Much as I love cats, when it comes to companions from an anime I’ll have to go for Yakkuru from (you guessed it!) Mononoke Hime.


Yakkuru is Ashitaka’s red elk friend. I hesitate to call him anything else because to my mind that’s always what he’s been. He’s loyal and always looks out for Ashitaka, even to the point of putting his own safety at risk.


Day 1 – Very first anime you’ve watched

So at the request of my friend, ニッキーのオタク, here I am doing the fabulous 30 day anime challenge ^^.


Ok, Mononoke Hime‘s (もののけ姫) not actually the first anime I’ve ever watched (among the first animes I’ve watched are Sailor Moon and another series about volleyball that I’m too lazy to look up just now), but it’s the first anime that’s really stuck with me. This is mostly because when I watched the other series I was quite young and I honestly don’t remember much about them (except for the fact that I really wanted to be Sailor Moon :D).

Point is, Mononoke Hime really left an impression on me from the very first time I’ve seen it and even though I didn’t actually ‘get into anime’ until a few years ago, this movie’s always stuck with me and I re-watched it a bunch of times ever since. Heck, I even copied it to my iPod just so I would have it with me all the time ^^”.

So yeah, Mononoke Hime is technically not the first anime I’ve ever seen, but it’s the first one that I’ve ever watched in the sense that I knew what I was watching and I remembered it, etc., etc., etc.