Day 14 – Would you be a seme or uke

Well thank the BL gods I managed to stumble upon this here website one faithful day, took a quiz and confirmed part of what I already suspected – I’m an uke  (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍)ノ”. Specifically, a clueless uke!

So the official description of the clueless uke, according to, is as follows:

You are a Clueless Uke!


Having a good time is what you’re all about. You’re satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to others’ manipulative behavior. You don’t expect much, and that can be a good thing. You’re perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won’t even notice, or really care, as long as you’re enjoying yourself.”

Enjoy taking the quiz if you haven’t done so already and as always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂


Day 5 – Favorite seme

Ok, my first thought here is ‘do I include potential semes from OTPs and whatnot? Oo’, in which case I’ll end up relisting a good number of characters from my list of favourite male anime characters xD. So in order to avoid that (and because I prefer to go with actual pairs) I’m gonna stick to characters from yaoi stories and all that jazz :D.

Potentially confusing drama aside, here comes another list (in no particular order) :D:D.

Clear (クリア) from DRAMAtical Murder


I’ve not seen the anime adaptation of DMMd yet (yes, feel free to shoot me), so the following is based solely on what I know from the VN. Clear’s just so goofy and considerate and adorable that you can’t not love him! 🙂 And while in some cases I just wanna smack certain characters during their bad endings, I really can’t say that was the case with him. If anything, the bad endings (the original and the continuation from re:connect) kind of made me appreciate him even more. So either I’m a twisted little puppy or this character’s just really well written and just generally awesome xD.

David Krause from In these words


I’ve mentioned before that I generally don’t really like the ‘older guy’ type but every rule has to have an exception and by god, I’m pretty sure David’s my exception xD. I haven’t read all the stories he’s in yet, however the manga I did read left me wanting more :D:D. David’s badass and straightforward, but also spontaneous and gentle and kind at the same time and he’s got one hell of a sense of humour. In a nutshell – he’s one of those awesomely awesome characters, imho ^^.

Shinohara Kenji ( 篠原憲司) from In these words


My first encounter with this character was through his back story (i.e., Maybe Someday) that’s part of the prequel series to In these words and I must admit I pretty much immediately took a liking to Shinohara. Once I got my hands on the first 2 volumes of ITW proper and found out more about him and who’s who and what’s what all I could do was love him more, twisted and dorky as he can be sometimes xD.

So I’m pretty sure that’s it for this post. As always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂