Day 11 – Favorite BL mangaka

Well, two mangaka come to mind for this here post and they are Kyuugo (author of Sora wo daite oyasumi among others) and Yoneda Kou (Doushitemo Furetakunai, Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai). I also wanted to mention Rihito Takarai but then I realised I haven’t actually read any of her works yet Oo. Oh well, I’ll just have to fix that in the near future.


Either way, what I like about these authors is their clean art style, that manages to bring about characters that look good but are also a bit more on the realistic side of things. Most importantly though, the stories they write have a certain something-something. Yes they’ve got humour and good looking guys but a good chunk of them is also dedicated to letting the characters explore their feelings towards one another and towards the idea that they might be gay/falling in love with another guy (because that stuff’s always there :D) and just love in general.

So yeah, if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and be flooded by boatloads of feelings every now and then, I highly recommend you check out their work if you haven’t done so already ^^.

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Day 9 – Favorite uke

Yellow there!

Yes, I am obviously awesome at keeping to a schedule but that aside, let’s move on to the next topic of the challenge! ^_^

The first character I thought about when seeing today’s theme was Rin from Togainu no Chi (咎狗の血), specifically, the VN.


Now I might be a bit biased ’cause his was the first route I landed on when I played my first yaoi VN, but heck, the fact that I ended up on his route still says something xD.

To me, a testament to how well-written and fleshed out this character is was always the fact that I never saw him as a youngster. I mention this because after finishing Rin’s route and being completely in love with him (xD) I read around about him some more only to find out that he’s supposed to be the ‘little boy’ of the group of characters that make up the main cast of TnC. I clearly remember reading this and having the same reaction as I had when seeing him at the end of his route, and going ‘WHAT?! O_o’. Yes, Rin is described as a bit girly due to his small stature and because he looks and is quite younger than the rest of the characters, but never for a second did I ever see him as a kid among older guys (of which frankly, most aren’t that old either  (¯―¯٥)  ). And yes, Rin is supposed to be the goofy, playful one of the bunch, but do take a look at the above picture and remember his story and his demeanor and tell me if this character is still just ‘a kid’.

Anyways, that being said, while I never thought of Rin as a child (and part of me kind of rejects his ‘older’ design from the end of the VN), the childish behaviour he displays at times is definitely one of the traits that make him charming  (・ω<). Pair that with his mature side, humour and wits and you get quite the charismatic character ^^.

Another character I’d like to mention is Ichinose Roku from Sora wo daite oyasumi (空をだいておやすみ).


(Roku’s the character on the bottom of the page :D:D)

I don’t know why I didn’t think of mentioning Sora earlier as it is quite an interesting manga. Be warned though, everyone’s quite messed up in this story as well  。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。. Either way, the story’s still ongoing-ish (at least I hope so, as it’s been on hiatus for quite some time now).

I’m not gonna say much about Roku as I don’t even know that much about him (and I don’t want to get into spoiler territory :D). Again, I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope they continue the manga. He’s haunted by a certain set of events from his past and boatloads of guilt because of what happened to his twin brother. Although he doesn’t socialise much these days, there’s a certain something-something about him that makes you want to know more. Now that I said the above I can’t help but wonder if I’m turning into Yashiro Shuji (another character from the series) xD. Either way, go check out the manga if you haven’t already and if you’re into dramatic, psychological, messed-up stuff ^^.

I think I’ll end this post here, for now at least.

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